Graycor Construction

Working in the Trenches: Graycor Featured in Phoenix Business Journal

Todd Ostransky, General Manager of Graycor Construction Company’s southwest office, was featured in Phoenix Business Journal’s recent feature, highlighting Graycor’s approach to building a talented team in the southwest market.

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Construction firm focuses on in-house referrals, mentoring millennials

Graycor has 27 employees in its Phoenix regional office and 1,500 nation-wide. Todd Ostransky, general manager for Graycor, wants to hire six employees during the next six months and 10 this year.

Ostransky said his company increasingly relies on in-house referrals. Graycor employees get bonuses for bringing in referrals. The value of the bonus depends on the positions.

“Referrals have been a tremendously valuable tool for us, because talent attracts talent, and employees who are happy with their jobs recruit people who are usually positively vested in our company before they are even hired,” he said.

The construction company has established mentoring programs for new millennial hires to link them with seasoned employees.