Graycor Industrial

Two Graycor Project Teams Hold Safety Luncheons on Final Day of Safety Week

Graycor Industrial’s project team at AK Steel’s Middletown, Ohio, facility fired up the grill today in the name of safety. As part of the team’s safety commitment, the cook-out—which was well-received by more than 70 attendees—centered on a safety stand-down on fall protection presented by Jeff Ball, general superintendent, and Cameron Day, safety engineer.

In Ecorse, Michigan, Graycor Industrial’s team assigned at U.S. Steel’s Great Lakes Works facility, held their safety luncheon to discuss safety bulletins and specific fall protection and dropped objects prevention for the final tie-in outage the team will execute in mid-May. Graycor Industrial is currently performing continuous galvanizing line upgrades at the steel facility. The project, which began in August 2015, will be completed in late May of this year.

Both Graycor project teams—which employ workers who perform work in operating steel facilities—observed 2016 Safety Week and National Safety Stand-Down this week.