Graycor Industrial

SIF Initiative Launched at Graycor Industrial’s Safety Excellence Workshop

More than 200 Graycor Industrial employees attended this year’s Safety Excellence Workshop held on Aug. 19 and 26 at the Porter County Expo Center in Valparaiso, Indiana. The educational and interactive workshops covered topics of hazards recognition, rigging safety, scaffolding and forklift/mobile equipment safety for GIC’s superintendents and project management personnel, as well as a one-day accounting segment for GIC’s project accountants.

The workshop also featured the introduction of SIF (Serious Injury & Fatality) Safety Excellence Initiative, a new safety prevention plan Graycor Industrial will implement at its job sites as of Sept. 1.

“The SIF training process identifies typical work activities that put workers at risk of serious injury or death by focusing on unsafe behaviors and how to prevent them,” explains Randy who presented the SIF initiative at the workshops.

For the next 12 months, posters will be distributed at Graycor Industrial’s various project sites. Each month, a poster will illustrate a specific SIF topic and incidences where potential risks for serious injury or death exist and how they can be prevented.

SIF topics include: Working at heights, confined space, mobile equipment and ground disturbance, to name a few.