Graycor Southern

Safety Is A Core Value At Graycor Southern Inc.

Shawn Buchanan, VP and General Manager, Graycor Southern Inc.

Safety Week happens each year to raise awareness of safe work practices. As many companies participate nationwide in Safety Week, we at Graycor Southern take time to reflect on our Safety Excellence programs, but more importantly-our personal commitment to safety. As a heavy industrial mechanical contractor, our work takes place within challenging live operating environments. Each project presents unique safety issues, considerations and concerns. Our goal is Zero Safety Incidents. For us, the most important outcome is that every employee returns to their family each evening in the same condition they started their day.

We are fortunate to be part of a family company, founded in 1921, that has safety as a core value. Graycor Southern is committed to keeping our project personnel, team members, clients, subcontractors, the public and the environment safe when providing our construction services. We have always maintained a culture that promotes a safe work environment and always will.

Safety is paramount in the planning and execution of every single project we touch. We achieve a safe workplace with proper planning, orientation, training, oversight and continual evaluation and improvement. Our leadership teams set safety expectations, engage employees in a meaningful way, utilize measurement systems and focus on emerging technology and continuous improvement all in on-going efforts to improve safety performance. Our people understand the impact safe choices have on our team members, their families, and the communities in which we live and work. At Graycor Southern, safety is NOT an initiative, but a commitment each of us takes personally.

Graycor Southern’s commitment to working safely continues to result safe project outcomes for our clients. Our teams stand together in the commitment to continuously improve our safety culture and ensure each worker returns home safe every day. As we celebrate Safety Week, I am grateful to our project teams and craft workers for embracing Graycor’s values, safety culture and training by making safe choices and practicing safe work habits on our job sites every single day.