Graycor Inc.

Laying the Foundation for Strong Management and Leadership Success

One of Graycor’s core values is Continuous Improvement, and that is what the Project Management Development Program (PMDP) presented by FMI is all about. FMI is the leading provider of management consulting and people development services to the engineering and construction industries, reaching 35% of ENR’s Top 400 Contractors last year alone. They work in all segments of these industries providing clients with value-added business solutions, and specific to Graycor, leadership and talent development. Twenty-five total participants representing Graycor Construction Company (GCC), Graycor Industrial Constructors (GIC) and Early Construction (ECI) are taking part in this year’s career development program that includes four, two-day sessions spread throughout the entire year.

We know that being a technically skilled builder, while important, is not good enough to thrive in today’s competitive construction market. As many industry professionals will admit, the construction industry has done a good job of developing the knowledge base and technical skills of employees, but a poor job of developing management and leadership skills. Although people need to have a solid foundation of technical knowledge, the most successful leaders of the future will have also developed strong management, leadership and business skills in order to ensure Graycor’s reputation, profitable growth and long-term success. Throughout the four sessions, the PMDP will:

Set clear expectations of the Project Manager role
Provide insight into their individual personality/behavioral preferences
Increase self-awareness about leadership behaviors
Understand how feedback impacts development and performance
Understand how their interpersonal skills impact our leadership
Teach how to yield better individual and team results
Last week, Graycor participants completed Module Onewhich focused on effective communication, leadership and management skills. How do personality characteristics affect the communication process? What’s the difference between leading vs. managing? FMI guided discussions on how individuals can leverage their strengths to help build teams that are more productive as well as identify gaps for improvement to achieve the best approach for different personality types.

As the group moves through the remaining modules over the course of the next six months, individuals will gain insight on financial management, compete in a business simulation on running a successful construction business and develop individual action plans that can be tracked and monitored over time to ensure lasting benefits from the PMDP. This program is yet another way The Graycor Family of Companies is reinforcing its commitment to the growth and development of employees.