Graycor Construction

Graycor Expands its Portfolio with FedEx Ground with the Completion of the Chandler Distribution Center

The FedEx Ground (FXG) Chandler Distribution Center project marks the third distribution center Graycor has built for FXG. Two additional distribution centers are currently in progress-a 304,784-square-foot distribution center in Fife, Washington and 310,000-square-foot distribution center in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

Graycor partnered with SunCap Property Group on the FXG Chandler project which involved the construction of three concrete tilt up buildings: a 304,865-square-foot Distribution Building; a 2,400-square-foot Gateway Building; and a 5,180-square-foot Vehicle Maintenance Building with Mezzanine. The project was delivered in a design-build fashion to meet schedule and milestone deadlines. Construction was ongoing as design was finalizing to ensure the facility met FXG guidelines, constructed per the company’s prototype drawings and in compliance with regional requirements. Each building features hybrid panelized wood roof structures finished with TPO Membrane Roofing. Other characteristics of the building include steel column with steel joists and girders, storefront windows and doors. Additionally, each building has finished office space.

The facility was designed and construction as an automated sorting facility to service up to 134 FedEx Ground vans and 111 FedEx Home Delivery vans. The building is equipped with sophisticated pollution monitoring systems to measure the buildings’ critical C02/NO2 monitoring and evacuation systems regulating the accumulation of toxic gases and automatically evacuating those gases, as required, to maintain a constant safe work environment for the employees within the building.

Two major historical rain events, three times the national yearly average, drastically and negatively impacted the construction schedule. The adverse weather, coupled with the project being released one month late, brought scheduling challenges. Through lean construction scheduling methods which involved double shifts and weekends, the team recovered from weather delays, met all schedule deadlines and recouped three more weeks.The facility sits on approximately 48 acres and was constructed with strict grade slopes of 0.5% to 1.5% to meet the FXG’s specifications. Off-site construction included the extension of all the utilities and infrastructure to the FXG project and half street improvements to serve the facility. Additionally, the facility has a highly upgraded security component which required the installation of high end security gates, metal detectors, turnstiles and all associated electrical and data rough in for the security system.

Nitti Graycor’s knowledge of the local municipality, utilities and other agencies allowed for the project to be design, permitted and constructed on time and below budget. The team worked closely with the City of Chandler to achieve Certificate of Occupancy on the building even as the conveying systems were being constructed. Final inspections were completed and Certificate of Occupancy was granted.