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Graycor Construction’s Gilbert Spectrum Team Awarded Best Overall Intern Experience

This summer, Graycor Construction Company (GCC) had the pleasure of hosting seven interns from different universities at six of our project sites across the country. While each project team provided invaluable knowledge and experience, GCC’s Mentoring Committee selected the Gilbert Spectrum team as the project team that provided the best overall experience to our GCC interns this summer, and would like to recognize their efforts. The Gilbert Spectrum team volunteered to host two interns at their jobsite this summer, Christian George and Brandan Kuffel, which required additional time, attention and preparation of the site in order to maintain proper safety measures established due to COVID-19.

The Gilbert Spectrum team managed the Gilbert Spectrum Building 5 project, as well as the tenant interior. The Building 5 project consists of new construction of a 120,000-square-foot, build-to-suit, two-story building shell on an eight-acre site. The tenant interior project includes an outdoor employee patio with shade canopies and outdoor seating, remote generator and a masonry enclosure. It also features multiple office and break rooms as well as areas dedicated to Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF).

When establishing the responsibilities of each intern the team was mindful of their varying levels of experience with this being Christian’s third internship, but Brendan’s first, along with each of their goals for the summer. The team assigned each intern a separate portion of the project, with Christian focused on the building shell and Brendan focused on building interiors. Having a structured internship program built around GCC’s established work processes, combined with Christian and Brendan’s initiative and desire to learn, made the experience easier for everyone involved.

James Williams, Interiors Superintendent, thought about how he would have liked to learn when he was their age, and used that approach when conducting site walk-throughs and reviewing plans. James also stressed the importance of safety and quality. The entire team played an important role in the interns’ experience this summer, which was clearly reflected in their presentations at the completion of their internships. They were each able to demonstration a high level of understanding of The Graycor Way and how it related to the overall project, as well as a detailed understanding of the trades assigned to them.

Vince Graumann, Project Manager, mentioned the key to success for the team was caring about their growth; “If you truly care about someone else’s growth, it’s going to happen; put yourself in their shoes and help them”.

Congratulations and thank you to the entire project team, the interns and their mentors.